What To Expect




Inches Off Your Waist

At Rivertowns Training Company, we understand the difference between “weight loss” and real “fat loss”. When you train our way, coupled with our dieting approach, you won’t just drop pounds on the scale, you’ll change your entire body shape and composition, and reach your fitness goals efficiently.


Faster Metabolism

We are a gym near you with a personal trainer available to help design a personal health and fitness plan. Everything we do at Rivertowns Training Company, from training to nutrition, is designed to optimize your hormones and nervous system to burn more calories throughout the day.


More Energy All Day

Too often, personal trainers are focused on kicking your butt and making you tired. At Rivertowns Personal Training Company, our gym methods are designed to stimulate your nervous system for more energy and increase your metabolism… NOT leaving you feeling drained and beat down.


Quality of Life

Functional Strength is the strength that you can use inside and outside of the gym. Most programs get you better at lifting weights but when it comes time to use that strength in real life, you end up falling short of what you’d expect. Our personal trainers design training sessions for your specific fitness goals and needs.


Move and Feel Better

Stiff joints and tight muscles are the number one cause of most chronic pain, discomfort, and fatigue. Our joint by joint approach to increasing mobility and flexibility will have you feeling more limber, mobile, and flexible. No more huffing and puffing to tie your shoes.


Fun, Friendly, Energetic, and Passionate Coaches

Rivertowns Training Company is the REAL Judgement Free Zone. We have people from all walks of life that come to us for the same reason: To look and feel better, lose weight and create lifestyle changes. All that matters to us is that you have a positive attitude and try your best. Whether you train at our studio with a personal trainer or remotely at home, it’s all the family with none of the drama.


Better Aerobic Conditioning & Heart Health

Our programs have been proven to increase your aerobic capacity better than regular cardio. Combine that with our flexible customized nutrition approach and you are on the right path to a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and better performance. If you are looking for a gym with a personal trainer near you, look no further than ours. Get started with a personalized training session by calling us now.